Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain School District belongs the Canadian Government schooling system. It has been providing top-level educational experiences for students from all over the world for over 30 years. The academic, recreational and cultural opportunities offered in the school district, combined with world-famous Canadian hospitality, will make Winter ISP experience truly unforgettable.

  1. Nordic skiing
  2. Curling
  3. Ice skating
  4. Snowshoeing
  5. Dog-sledding
  6. Downhill skiing day at Kicking Horse Mountain.
  1. Campus Visit- University of Calgary.
  2. Campus Visit – College of Rockies.
  3. Buffalo ranch/wolf centre    
  4. Calgary trip:  U of C tour, Cross Iron Mills shopping centre.
  5. Calgary Zoo 
  6. Banff 
  7. Lake Louise

Topics Covered During the Program (For Age Group 16- 18 Years)

  1. English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  2. Post-secondary education in Canada
  3. Canadian history, geography, civics and culture
  4. Environmental topics .
  5. Canada’s indigenous peoples 
  6. Leadership.

This program will ensure the students to understand & learn different levels of cultural diversity exist across the globe by exploring cultures of the visiting country. The program thereby help the students to accept cultural differences whereby enhancing their capability to communicate through various cultures at personal as well as professional level. Further to that this program also equip them with capability to examine how global diversity and inclusion are impacting socio economic environment globally, and make them learn how to leverage individual contributions to foster creative problem-solving.

The program combines professional development, interdisciplinary studies, and cross-cultural learning opportunities with time for exploration, relaxation and fun!   Three weeks in one of Canada’s most energetic winter cities may inspire future study and career options too.

  1. Consent: Form signed by parents
  2. Registration: Application form and registration fees
  3. Confirmation: Program fees, visa form & supporting documents