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Summer/Winter Programs

There is a great concept all across the globe that is of summer schools but unfortunately in India there is not much awareness about summer programs available abroad. Summer schools are an economical way of exploring international education.The best part of these programmes is not only the quality education that is imparted but also the are a great opportunity to interact with students from all across the globe. Almost all universities and institutes abroad offer summer school programs which that generally range from 15 days to 2 months during summer that is JUNE and July.


Summer schools is a very popular kind of education that is offered by universities and other institutes for higher education during the summer break. The institutes offer variety of courses in various domains like languages, socio cultural behaviors, business management, international business etc. Students can go to summer schools to practice their language skills. In-depth knowledge of the other subjects would be an add-on. As our specialization , we have categorized summer school program for various age group and each program has courses according to the skills required by specific age group.

From 13- 15 years of age: Students from this age group are the beginners, and hence the basic courses are offered in summer school program for these students. Summer schools help students in this age group to explore the international culture and heritage.
From 16- 18 years of age; during summer school program, advance courses are offered to students in this age group to enhance their skill set. In this age group, when students go for summer school program they get exposure in international universities and the country, which help them in decision making of their further studies.
From 18 years and above; these students require specialized courses which add value to their CV, therefore especially designed courses are offered to them. These students get a glimpse of global corporate culture , as corporate visits are also included in summer school programs


ECTS credits :
Many summer schools offer ECTS credits for their courses. They are well-recognized worldwide and give an international edge to your degree . Credits earned abroad during summer schools generally come along with certificate and this certificate adds a lot of value to your CV.
Experience Abroad :
studying in another country is a great experience and gaining international experience already during your studies is getting increasingly important in the job market. Unfortunately not every student has the time and resources to spend a full semester abroad. Summer schools are a great alternative to getting your study abroad experience!
Get to know people, country and culture:
Summer Schools are not only about the academics but can also give you great experiences that go far beyond the average summer holiday! Along the way, you have the great opportunity to get to know fellow students from all over the world, improve your language skills, meet locals, experience a different culture and much more


Summer schools are not only offered to students, but to working professionals. Some institutes /universities offer special summer school programs for working professionals as well. Summer schools will upgrade their knowledge by solving real business problems.
Summer schools act as a best platform for providing industry based knowledge and professional network. The professional’s meet , study and stay together for weeks. This helps in the growth of their global network. HOW IT HELPS PROFESSIONAL’S ? Up gradation of skills and knowledge: In today's knowledge era its very essential to upgrade ourselves at regular intervals and all our Executive Summer Programs are domain specific and offer latest knowledge taught by experts of that domain.
International Certifications
All Executive Summer Programs are certificate programs which means on successful completion of program you will earn international certificate.
Networking is Net worth Today Once you complete your college; you always yearn to live life of a student again. Executive Summer Programs are an excellent opportunity to live life of a students again. We will provide best accommodation and other facilities which will make your experience worthwhile.


Every institute or university is facing a big challenge as a number of fresh admissions of quality students is decreasing. Along with it the second challenge they are facing is knowledge exchange on global level. The solution to both these challenges is to be a part of global education fraternity.  CIES with its network of more than 100 global institutes offers eminent opportunities for institutes to start effective and efficient summer school programs.


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