Herzing College

Herzing college offers programs & courses that feature the current and future knowledge and skills employers look for in college graduates. Their expert faculty members are leaders in respective fields. They give individual attention to students through 18:1 average student-to-professor ratio in their classrooms.

All Herzing college classes are integrated and include a variety of students from Canada and around the globe. International students and Canadian students learn, collaborate, and study together in every class.

International students learn about Canadian education and culture, while Canadian students and faculty enhance their global knowledge and perspectives by sharing experiences with international students. Students say that the relationships formed at Herzing college are often the most valuable, both in the classroom and throughout their careers.

The candidate should meet the below mentioned criteria - 

  1. IELTS Overall and Individual Bands should not be less than 6.0.
  2. 50% or above in graduation.
  3. Study gap 5 years or less.
  4. Program complementary to previous education.
  5. Proof of Tuition Fee Payment.
  6. Less than 8 backlogs in graduation
  7. Special GIC of CAD 10,000 to cover living expenses

Early Childhood Education is a fulfilling career choice, helping to provide a foundation of support to encourage children to grow into their full potentials. Those who are interested in pursuing this career should enjoy planning and organizing recreational activities for young children, enabling them to integrate into groups and greater society. Empathetic communication is necessary to establish relationships built on trust and to develop their capacities for creativity.

This program provides training for the care and guidance of preschool children under the supervision of early childhood educators, stimulating and developing their intellectual, physical and emotional growth. Areas of study include the fundamentals of early childhood psychology, child safety and risk management, behavioral intervention, strategies, social-emotional development, and educational activities.

Program length: 14 months (20 hours/week, M-F) includes 8 week internship

The application process is as mentioned below - 

  1. IELTS Academic (2 months min.)
  2. Applications, Admissions & LoA, Simultaneous Process with IELTS (2 - 4 weeks)
  3. Open GIC Account & Arrange Finances (2 weeks)
  4. Tuition Fee payment & its receipt
  5. Payment of GIC & certificate receipt
  6. Clear medicals with panel doctors.
  7. Visa filling & submission
  8. Visa received

The payment plan is as follows

  • 1st payment (1st day of class): $9,306.2
  • 2nd payment (6th month of program): $3,306.2
  • 3nd payment (12th month of program): $3,306.2
  • 4th payment (18th month of program): $3,306.2