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CIES | 24-September-2019

The Five Traits of Average Students

1. They look out for huge amounts of information.

They have watched every YouTube video, read every IELTS book and are signed up for every Facebook group related to IELTS. They constantly consume information about IELTS. They think they are working hard and all this hard work will lead to success. It won’t.

Firstly, there is a huge gap between learning how to do something and actually doing it. 

Some of the people constantly consume every information about IELTS. They watch every YouTube video about IELTS, read every IELTS book and join every fb group for IELTS. They are working in this mode in as they think in this manner they will succeed. It won’t. There is a huge gap between learning how to do something and actually doing it. You can’t drive a car or play a game of sports perfectly just by seeing it and reading about it.

2. They have different ‘tutors’ with   them.

When you go with different frame of mind in every moment, it won’t do good do you. You witness it that one teacher tells you to use lots of ‘high-level vocabulary’, another teacher will tell you to ‘keep it simple’ and someone else will tell you that you should use ‘a specific list of words’. It keeps you confusing. Your writing is a reflection of what you are thinking. Your writing will also be confused when your thinking is confused.

3. They hope they will get a good score.

You have witnessed students doing the test for the 10th, 11th, 12th time. The things in common that you will hear from them are ‘I am having better luck next time’.  You are not failing due to your bad luck. If you get 5.5 ten times in a row, that’s your level. You can’t improve things until unless you figure out why you are not getting the score you need and actually improve. So, in this way luck and hope is not a factor to your success in IELTS exam.

4. They are in search for shortcuts, tips

You have heard a few people coming to IELTS tutor 7 days before the IELTS exam and asking for tips and tricks to get band 7 bands in IELTS. It’s the same thing that people want 6 pack abs without doing any exercise. You won’t find any shortcut like this. In this way you are lying to yourself and wasting your money and time both.

5. They do not take action.

If you have met some successful people, you would have find that none of them had any secret shortcut for good score in IELTS. All of them have taken massive actions. Stop consuming information and begin to put what you have learned into action.  

It is the same with IELTS Writing.

Want to know why you are not getting the score you need?

Look at your writing and figure out your mistakes. That takes action.

Learn how to fix your mistakes. That takes action.

Get feedback on your work. That takes action.

Practice. That takes action.

Consistently write at a Band 7 level. That takes lots of action.

This factor is more important than any other. 

The 5 Traits of Successful Students

1. They are working out according to a system

This is not only an effective way to learn, but also very efficient. You have no time to waste. These students either create their own system or get a teacher to help them with it. They know exactly what they need to do/need to learn and they follow this way for IELTS preparation step-by-step. So, in this way they have a system in place. They don’t watch every single YouTube video or read every website

2. They get feedback on their work.

If you want to move on with your life and forget about this test, find someone you trust to tell you the exact reasons why you are not successful yet. This could be your current teacher, an old teacher or someone you find in your local area. Just make sure they know what they are doing or you’ll be in more trouble than before you started.

You need to move on with your life and find someone that may explain you the exact reason why you are not successful yet.  It can be your current teacher, an old teacher or someone you find in your local area. Ensure that they know what they are doing or you’ll be in more trouble than before you began.

3. They are preparing in a strategic way.

Smart students will work on those specific areas which are their weak aspects together with the vital aspects for IELTS training. Smart teachers will treat each student as an individual rather than teaching them a very broad curriculum.

4. They take action.

You could have the best system in the world, the best teacher in the world and you could have your preparation all planned out in a strategic way, but until you actually take action, all of that means nothing. 

Lots of students start off with a huge amount of enthusiasm and a couple of weeks later are back to their old habits.  Give yourself every chance by getting some accountability. 

Try to get every inspiration that’s possible to boost your morale. Try to work out your preparation with a motivation for your goal.

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