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CIES | 23-November-2019

Look out for your options to immigrate to Quebec as it’s one of the most popular destinations for newcomers to Canada, in part because of the Quebec immigration options that are available!

When you are planning to immigrate to Quebec, you are first required to get selected by the province for permanent residence by applying to an immigration program for Quebec. When you receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), you can apply for permanent residence from the Canadian government.

Whenever you are applying for a CSQ, you need to prove to the government of Quebec that you meet the criteria for an existing Quebec immigration program. Generally speaking, the most popular Quebec immigration programs are the two economic pathways for skilled workers:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW)

Quebec Experience Program (Programme de l’expérience québécoise – PEQ)



The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) is an immigration pathway skilled workers, that resembles the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) now operated by Express Entry. Unlike Express Entry, however, QSW candidates are not required to compete with each other to be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Actually there are two different versions of the QSW program, depending on where you live. You can submit a QSW application at any time whenever are legally residing in Quebec. You have to wait for the program to open to submit an application when you are residing outside of the province of Quebec. One of the major advantages that QSW is having is that the applicants do not need to be able to speak French, as long as they have enough points to qualify without it.

Here the applicants who meet the minimum number of points on the Quebec selection grid to qualify for QSW, meet all the program requirements, and submit an application will likely receive a CSQ. It’s unlike Express Entry, where meeting the requirements doesn’t guarantee you will be able to apply for permanent residence.

However, since the launch of Express Entry, Quebec has been indicating they will be changing QSW to an ‘expression of interest’ system similar to Express Entry, where candidates are ranked against each other. That said, they have not yet released any details about how candidates would be ranked or when we can expect this new system to launch.

However, since the launch of Express Entry, Quebec has been expressing they will be changing QSW to an ‘expression of interest’ system similar to Express Entry, in which candidates are ranked against each other.


Your QSW application will receive priority processing, speeding up the process to receive a CSQ whenever you have a validated job offer or receive points under the ‘Area of Training’ factor on the Quebec selection grid



The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), which is an alternative to QSW resembles the federal Canadian Experience Class (CEC), now managed by Express Entry. PEQ applicants first apply for a CSQ from Quebec as like QSW. Once successful, there is apply for permanent residence with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The accelerated program for selecting skilled workers or international students is PEQ. Unlike QSW, it does not use a points selection system. The candidates simply submit an application for a CSQ whenever they meet the eligibility requirements. In order to get eligible, you are required to have in Quebec as either an international student or a skilled worker.You are also required to have legal status in the province at the time of your application.

After being eligible to apply through PEQ, you could receive your CSQ in as little as a month. You can also submit your application at any time



After being eligible for programs, the program that you should opt for depends on what you’re seeking for. Some candidates that aren’t confident in their French language choose to submit a QSW application. Others opt for PEQ as the processing time is much faster. Here are quick facts about each of the programs to help you make an informed decision. 



You are required to live in Quebec.

You are required to have intermediate French ability.

Being eligible as a student, you must have graduated from an eligible post-secondary program in Quebec.

Being eligible as a worker, you must have at least one year of skilled work experience.


Major Advantage: Your application will be processed very quickly as this is an accelerated program


Major Disadvantage: Many candidates are intimidated by the French language requirement.



If you do not live in Quebec, you are required wait for an intake period to apply.

You are not required French ability if you have sufficient points without it.

More points can be claimed for higher education.

More points can be claimed for more years of work experience.

Major Advantage: You are not required to learn French.

Major Disadvantage: Unless you live in the province, you have to wait for an intake period to apply. If you do live in the province, processing is usually slower than PEQ.

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