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CIES | 13-November-2019

As per the recent studies, it is witnessed that Canada has become one of the world’s most popular countries for international student applications, even more popular than the United States!

As per the statistics collected from over 250 American colleges and universities, it is stated that applications from international students to American colleges and universities have dropped by 39 per cent in the last one year alone.

The University of Toronto, the largest Canadian University has witnessed a 20 per cent increase in the number of international applications in the last year, while Wilfrid Laurier University and McMaster University both experienced an increase of over 30 per cent.

Previously the United States was a much more popular destination for international students for a long time. But right now, why the students are choosing to study in Canada instead.

1. Difficult U.S. Visa Policy

The U.S. visa application system is also a lengthy and complicated process, requiring intense scrutiny, questioning and plenty of waiting. On the other side, the Canadian visa process is simpler and shorter, making it easier for international students to get a study permit.

Right now, it may experience that visa policy in the United States is stiffer. On the other side, the Canadian government encourages its students to stay in the country for as long as possible. The visa process in Canada is shorter and simpler. It makes it easy international students to get a study permit.

The visa application system in US is having complicated and a lengthy process. It requires intense scrutiny, questioning and plenty of waiting.

2. High Cost

When we compare Canada with US, the studies in US are more expensive than the cost of studies in Canada. When we talk about US, financial aid is a lot harder to get as an international student in the United States. The universities in Canada are more likely to provide financial aid or scholarships to international students, which is a very rare matter in US. When we talk about Canada, the cost of living is also a lot lower in Canada. International students are opting for Canadian studies as it’s more affordable

Canada is well known for its multiculturalism, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously tweeted, in response to President Trump’s threatened ban: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”.

3. Canadian Policy

By 2022, the Canadian government aims to bring in 450,000 international students to Canada. Currently, there are 353,000 international students studying in the country.

The number of international students entering Canada has seen a 92 per cent increase since 2008. Although, international students currently make up only 1 per cent of the Canadian population

On the other side in US, the number of international students grew by the slowest rate since 2009. International students are increasingly choosing Canada over the United States as the Canadian government has adopted friendly policies to attract international students.

4. Employment Opportunities

More than than half of the international student population in Canada seeks to get permanent residence

After graduating on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), international students can work in Canada for up to three years that helps them find work and provides a gateway to permanent residence and, eventually for  citizenship

On the other side in US, it’s not so as in US, no employment after graduation is allowed unless you have been sponsored. The people are holding a general perception that foreigners are not welcome in the U.S. It will have impact on employability in the local marke

5. Healthcare

You may witness the biggest differences between Canada and the United States,  which is Canada’s universal healthcare.  The healthcare in Canada is by individual provinces. The coverage for temporary residents like international students is offered not by all the provinces. Students in provinces that don’t include international students can usually opt-in to their school’s insurance plan, or use one of many affordable private insurance providers.

On the other side, international students are required to apply for health insurance by many schools, often having to pay high premiums for private healthcare.

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