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CIES | 05-November-2019

When you are opting for a Canadian Student Visa, you are needed to submit a study plan. A study plan expresses the Visa Officer for why you want to study in Canada. It explains the reason behind your choice a perspective future objective. You need to make sure that you make it good! There is an urge to have a clear, concise and  specific

thinking.  Instead of explaining your entire life history, it’s better to focus on how pursuing education in Canada will help your current academic studies and career experiences

Here are a few quick tips that you need to follow before getting into the types of questions you must answer when writing your study plan

#1: Don’t exceed one page

#2: You should have a factual study plan

#3: Be direct. Do not write paragraphs on why you dream of studying in Canada. Instead, write about how studying in Canada will advance your career in a way your country of residence won’t.

#4: You should have strong English written skills while editing your study plans.

Some Vital Study Abroad Questions 

1. Why do you intend to study in Canada in the program for which you have been accepted?

Here you have the opportunity to describe the reasons behind your choice for studying in Canada. The reason behind it - quality education system? The multicultural society? Why you opt for Canada as your preferred destination for international studies.

2. Your overall educational

It is the steps closer to have greater depth while describing your goals. It may be for your interest to continue your education directly after secondary school. It’s perhaps to expand your knowledge by achieving a master’s or postgraduate degree. In support to your answer, you may discuss the type of industry you want to work in and what the general requirements are. It gives a clear view on how your educational plans align with your overall career goals.

3. Why are you not pursuing a similar program in your country of residence/citizenship?

Canada is well-known for its globally recognized quality education system. It may be the reason behind your opting to pursue a program in Canada over your country. It may be perhaps because of the reason that Canada has a certain institution with the exact course or program you want to study in. May be that the one not be available in your country.

4. Research you have done into studies in your country of residence/citizenship?

There may be perhaps the chances that your country will in fact have the same program you’re hoping to pursue in Canada. There is an urge to express why you prefer the Canadian school or program over your own. You may also opt to discuss the differences in education overall between your home country and Canada.

5. What are the job prospects for your concerned program and how will this program enhance your employment opportunities in your country of residence/citizenship?

 At this time, you can discuss the various job positions you have looked into in your country. It’s possible you found a desirable job in your country, but unfortunately lack the appropriate education needed to apply for it. In this case, you can discuss how continuing your education in Canada will help prepare you for this role in your home country.

At this point of time, you may look out to discuss the various job positions you have looked into in your country. There may be every possibility that you found a desirable job in your country, but unfortunately lack the appropriate education needed to apply for it. Here you can discuss how to continue with your education in Canada will assist you to prepare for this role in your home country. 

6. Ties you have to your country of residence/citizenship

Here you must state whether or not you have family in your country, may it be your children, parents, a spouse or a partner. 

7. What is your parents or guardians immigration status in their current country of residence, together with the financial assets owned by your parents?

 Make sure that you include your parents or guardians immigration status in your study plan. In addition to it, you must include their bank balance certificate, bank statements, investments, property, and any other documents that represent the financial assets owned by your parents or guardians.  

8. Kindly share your previous travel history and in the case that you do not have the same, please share your parents or siblings travel history.

Make sure to list the places you have travelled to in the past. If you don’t have it, it’s important to list your parents or siblings travel history. It enhances your chances of approval 

9. Who is sponsoring your education and why are they sponsoring your education?

It’s vital to list who is sponsoring your education. It may be your host school, family or an organization. It’s also important to note that why it is they’re sponsoring your education.

10. Provide details of your education history

Here you are required to details of all the schools you have attended to date. It includes start and end dates, full institution name(s), and address(s). When you have attended college or university?  At last you need to share your work history. This includes any jobs or volunteer positions you’ve held, and how they may help with your studies and overall goals.

In order to your study plan, you are required to summarize your educational goals and the reasons behind why you want to study in Canada.

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