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CIES | 06-November-2019

In the recent times, students’ trends while transitioning from their upper levels or high school to university is to take a year off and enjoy some free time exploring the world.Some people opt for exotic beaches and just relaxing for the entire day. There may be more ideas behind taking a “Gap Year”.

Here are its pros and cons


  • You would be learning a new language. When you are opting to go to to English-speaking countries, you'll have opportunity to develop your language skills.
  • You would be meeting new friends and new people and have the opportunity to interact with all sorts of interesting people.
  • You would be experiencing new cultures and would be having the good time to learn more about local cultures, customs, and traditions.
  • You would be trying all sorts of new foods and enjoying new cuisines.
  • You'll have tons of stories to share later. Your adventures will take you to new places you can turn into stories you write in a journal in English to improve your writing abilities.
  • In this way your adventure would take you to new places that you can turn to stories in order to write in a journal in English and hence improving your writing abilities.

·         You would be learning a lot while travelling with actual “hands-on” opportunities you don’t always get in a classroom setting. That’s great experience for learning

  • It’s a perfect opportunity to feel independent and take care of yourself when you have never lived away from home.
  • It can make your resume or CV look better. You'll learn new skills you can put on your resume or CV.
  • It would make your CV or resume
  • You may also try out for different types of jobs. You gain a wide range of skills which can be useful later when you work while travelling to earn money


  • You will be starting a year later than your peers. In this way, you will be a year behind your peers.
  • It requires a “leap of faith” as there can be some unknowns. When exploring places you have never been, there may be things you overlooked when planning and preparing for your travels.
  • Whenever you are exploring places you have never been, there can be some unknowns which require a leap of faith. Especially, there may be things you overlooked when planning and preparing for your travels for an unknown destiny
  • You are required enough cash in order to cover travel, lodging and food. You are required to ensure that you have set aside enough money to cover all your expenses unless you plan on getting a job.
  • When you are not prepared, it can become stressful as you didn't plan and prepare properly ahead of time.
  • There is a lot of time being wasted when you didn't start planning at the start of your last upper-level year. You might have to delay travelling for several months.

It’s quite acceptable that taking a “Gap Year” can provide you with valuable experience, new skills, and new friendships that can last a lifetime. However, travelling abroad is not for everyone.

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