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CIES | 29-November-2019

There is no doubt that most adults spend the majority of their day at work and a job is an extremely important factor to live livelihood in a better way. Strata of the populace reiterate that job satisfaction is immensely significant as compared to job security. Contrarily, opponents deem that mankind should have an enduring job to relish life. This essay intends to delve into both conflicting sides with relevant examples prior to embarking on my perspective.

Having permanent jobs is very beneficial for people. Firstly, a permanent job makes a stable and carefree life as well as financial support to the employee. For example, with stable income monthly, dwellers can reckon on their expenses on domestic and social issues accurately and it helpful for them to support their family. People do not have to care much about financial problems or job insecurity and perform their task with great ideas due to a tension free environment.

However, holding down the same job for a long time does not develop the growth in one’s career prospect and even they are not aware of the new ideas, the latest technology of other organizations. For example, working professionals of government jobs stick with one assigned work for a life time, so they cannot explore themselves in different work categories and deprived of multitasking knowledge. Permanent job makes employee’s life monotonous and they could not perform their task with full zeal and zest after some time.

On the flip side, job satisfaction and fulfillment are much more significant and people can definitely devote energy in their interest. For example, there are lots of people who turned their hobbies into successful career options due to their passion. Employees are inclined to come up with new, creative and innovative ideas that contribute to the growth of productivity and efficiency in their work. Additionally, individuals feel pleasure through the senses of achievement which they received from work and this kind of feeling could encourage people to work harder for success.

Conclusively, I believe that job satisfaction is certainly more important than the money earned. If people love their job automatically they get better opportunities and growth in their careers.