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CIES | 15-November-2019

It is an area for concern for many of the IELTS test-takers. Fluency in speaking means your your ability to speak smoothly and thoughtfully without stopping. Frequent pauses, lots of repetition, and a tendency to self-correct are the clear signs that someone is not speaking fluentlyWhen this happens during your IELTS speaking exam, your Coherence and Fluency score will probably be below a Band 7.

From the point of view of IELTS test-takers, it must be considered that Fluency is a skill needed for all four IELTS tests – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It’s not only for speaking. For instance, your fluency in speaking will help your fluency in writing. So, in the same way, improving fluency in one skill area will improve your fluency in another.  Let’s discuss it in details

Reading fluently

Fluency in reading means to be able to read a text without stopping and thinking about the meaning. A reader is not fluent in his pursue means he struggles to understand lots of words and is often translating, this is not fluent. Two of the vital reading skills for IELTS are the ability to skim and scan. You are skimming when you reading a text quickly to get the main idea. You are scanning when you reading a text quickly to get specific information. Exact signs of a fluent reader are reading quickly while skimming and scanning successfully. Two of the better tips to improve your reading fluency, are to read a lot in your free time, and to avoid using a dictionary. It would reduce your habit of translating too much and at the same time will build your reading speed.

Writing fluently

When you are not  a fluent writer, this may be a problem as you only have one hour to complete the IELTS writing tests.  While you are sitting in an IELTS Writing Exam, you have to be able to think about complex problems, like an essay question, then reflect your thoughts onto the paper. It will be difficult to write clearly when you are not able to think clearly in English. On the other side, when you are thinking in your language and trying to translate everything, then you are not able to write fluently. One of the better ways to accomplish this task is to take a few minutes before you start writing and think about what you are going to write (in English!). This will ease up your thinking and writing process. Another better advice is to  write more often. Grab a pencil, some paper, some interesting essay topics, and practice writing some essays. This will surely enhance and improve your skills. 

Listening fluently

It’s vital to listen fluently as you will only hear the audio recording on IELTS once. When you loose attention and stop listening while you are trying to read the test book, you might have a problems. Understanding most of what you hear, and also remembering what you hear are the exact signs of fluent listening. While translating, you waste a lot of time you forget the English and only remember your language. So, one of the better advice is not to translate at all. Another tip is to listen to English often. Listen to English radio, TV, movies, and people. When you translate or try and understand each and every word in order to repeat the key points, you are not enhancing your fluency in this way.

Speaking fluently

In order to avoid self-correcting, repeating and pausing a lot in speaking and hence improving your speaking fluency, you are required to think in English and practice often. Try to speak out to the person next to you in bus, chat with a classmate at the library. Try to speak a lot of English. Hang out with friends who can’t speak your first language. Join a club of this sort. You would get better ideas.

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