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CIES | 13-August-2019

There are some myths such as “If you live in a non-English speaking country, your English speaking will not be good enough because you don’t have anyone to talk to (in English).” Or “If you live in an English-speaking country, hearing English every day automatically enhances your English speaking skills.”

 You CAN improve your English speaking even if there’s no one to talk to.   One of the very effective ways to speak more fluent English is to speak out loud, by yourself.

Only just through listening to, reading or writing in English, your English speaking won’t improve

Your score in IELTS speaking is judged on 4 criteria:-

  • Fluency & Coherence

–You should be connecting your ideas together- speaking at the right speed (not too slow OR too fast).

  • Lexical Resource

– You are required to use  good vocabulary and to be able to use it well.

  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy

– Your spoken English should be grammatically correct.

  • Pronunciation

You are required to pronounce English well in a manner so that your examiner should able to understand you easily.

To enhance your IELTS Speaking score there are daily actions you need to take, in order to get well versed in each of these 4 areas. Here are some tools to get you started:

Improving your Fluency & Coherence

If you speak too fast, it may make the listener boggled. If you speak is too slow, it is a sign you need to work on fluency and vocabulary.

Improving your Lexical Resource

Use idioms only if it fits your sentence. It would make you to sound like a native speaker. To exemplify- Back to the drawing board’ means you attempted something, but it failed and now it’s time to start over. You should also note that idioms should be used sparingly.

Avoid repeating the examiner’s questions using paraphrasing. In this way, you can use the same idea using different words. For example when there is a question “what is your hobby?” You may reply it as “I love cooking.”

It helps you to sound less repetitive and more varied using synonyms and antonyms. For example for a sentence like ‘I am not a big fan of hot weather’ you can use sentence like ‘I find cooler climate more pleasant’.

Improving your Grammatical Range & Accuracy, and Pronunciation

You pronunciation can affect your IELTS score for Grammatical Range and Accuracy. For example you mean to say “I walked home yesterday from work” but you sound like “I walk home yesterday from work”. So this would sound like you are using a present tense verb in a past tense. So, in this way your IELTS score would suffer for Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

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