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CIES | 12-August-2019

It is about layers more than one big jacket...


1st layer (very important)

Buy multiple pairs

Invest in good base layers aka thermals »columbia, sports chek


Shoes are very important

Boots (rated below 30) » Columbia, Northface 

Look for formal shoes with thermal lining » stores: Aldo


2nd layer over your clothes... can be sweaters or thin down jackets 

Down jackets are also water and wind resitant, which should eliminate the feel factor caused by wind and moisture.

»stores: columbia, north face.


Cover head and face...

Head cover » columbia, northface 

Face (optional) balaclava » northface

Neck, woolen scarfs »columbia

Woolen socks » columbia 


And under severe winter conditons...

3rd layer 

Winter jackets » columbia, northface, Canada goose


Depending on the weather forecaste you can pick the combinations, this way you dont have to wear winter jacket in all conditions...

Wearing layers is cost effictive and will give you greater mobility than big winter jackets...


Key thing to note is the chill factor... which is caused by wind and moisture.

Any item which are wind and water resitant will elimnate the impact of it without the need for additional insulation...


Also try not to be over protective... allow your body to adapt...

This will help build your endurance and resistance to cold.


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