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CIES | 09-September-2019

1.     Word “Eh” 

“Eh” is a famous Canadian interjection. It’s an actual word in the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s an exclamation that is used to express a sound made in speech, especially one used to express enquiry, surprise, or to elicit agreement. 

 2. Superman was co-created by a Canadian!

Superman is known to be the great America hero. But, he is originated in the Great White North. The famous DC Comics character was created by Joe Shuster with writer Jerry Siegel in the 1930s. They then sold their comic strip to Detective Comics Inc. for $130 USD. The debut for Superman’s comic book was made on April 18, 1938 in Action Comics #1, a series that continues to be published to this day. 

3. Over One-Fifth of Canada’s population is foreign-born!

Canada is recognized as a multicultural nation at international level. As per the statistics for Canada in 2018, about 7 million Canadians were born in a different country (for context, Canada’s population was 37.06 million as of 2018). So, Canada is the most diverse country among G-8 nations! The majority of Canada’s foreign-born population lives in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta. 

4. Canada is the most educated country in the world

The importance of quality education is well recognized in Canada. It’s truly reflected in its people. Among the developed countries, over 56% of Canadian adults hold a college degree, which is the highest proportion among developed nations. Next comes Japan at just over 50%, followed by Israel with 49.9%.  

5. Santa Claus’s official address is in Canada

In Western Christian culture, Santa Claus is a famous figure. The modern version of Santa or “Saint Nick” was influenced by Greek, British, and Dutch culture. Santa is closely linked with Canada because of the fact the country extends into the North Pole.

Huge no. of letters is addressed to Santa Claus on Every Christmas. Obviously, you can write a letter in any language, mail it to the North Pole, Canada and you will receive a revert back letter.

6. Quebec City is a first in more ways than one

Built in 1695, Quebec City’s fortifications reach nearly 4.6 kilometers (2.9 miles) in length. Quebec City is not only the only walled city north of Mexico, but it was also the first city in North America to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Canada produces most of the world’s maple syrup

The province of Quebec alone is responsible for 70 percent (!) of the world’s maple syrup output. The United States is the next largest producer, while Japan and South Korea have small operations of their own.

 8. Largest coastline

Canada’s coastline is 02,080 kilometers long (125,567 miles) long which is the largest coastline in the world. It also has the world’s largest water area. It would take you roughly 4.5 years to walk around Canada, without breaks.

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